What do you really like about what you do?

Early this morning I had coffee for a business planning session with the fabulous Dr. Melissa Bird! Dr. Bird is an exceptional Life Coach, Writer, Professor, successful Public speaker and I am hoping I have made a pretty cool friend.

Dr. Melissa Bird works with people like me to inspire and coach those who want to shine and bring out the very best in our lives, careers, business and in ourselves.


Today I was asked to take a real look deep inside of myself. Dr. Bird prompted me to ask myself what was it that I loved most about what I do.

I had all kinds of things bouncing around in my head like a giant kids popcorn popper, but then the very reason for my being came into play and the answer came to me pretty quickly. I love numbers! I LOVE A CHALLENGE!

In my world, numbers are black and white. When a grey number suddenly sneaks into the equation, the little voices in my head start to push back “Whoa! What the heck???”, then something clicks and I’m like “Bring it on!” Then the challenge begins and I am in it for the win.

There is no doubt. I will figure it out and I WILL WIN!